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Bournemouth Bikes Ltd

Welcome to Bournemouth Bikes Ltd.

The Home of the 12 month Warranty

Since 1997 Motorcycle Trade-Ins has been providing a one-stop-shop service to motorcyclists all over the UK who are looking for a quality bike at a reasonable price. Whether it is a first-bike 125cc from the Sinnis range, a commuter, tourer, cruiser or full-blooded sports bike, Motorcycle Trade-ins has been amongst the top used-bike dealers for quality machines from Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, KTM, Ducati and Suzuki.

With full workshop facilities, including MOT testing, our trained technicians help keep those machines in tip-top condition and ready for whatever style of riding takes your fancy.

Now under new ownership and re-branded as Bournemouth Bikes Ltd, Mike Lawrence and the team at 17 & 18 Elliott Road are expanding the business to include a new four thousand sq.ft. showroom. Unit 16 Elliott Road will house the entire stock of used bikes with room to walk around them, sit on them and have a cup of freshly-roasted coffee whilst you decide which one is going to be yours for the new season.

Unit 17 will be the showroom for the full range of Sinnis Motorcycles, from the nippy 'commuter scooters' like the Matrix to the Suzuki or Yamaha-engined 125 Scrambler, the 125 and 250 Retrostar, The 125 or 250 'motocross' style Apache or the outrageous 125 and 250 hardtail Heist 'Bobbers'.

At unit 18, the workshop is getting a makeover this season too with a new reception area to be built with a computerised booking-in system and state-of-the-art workshop software.

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